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Do we have that book?


I'm always happy to check for you, but you can save an email and time , and check yourself!
Username: tride
Password: miners



Password: miners

Remote password:

tel_rpa is for organizing information gathered in research: virtual notecards, outline creation, bibliography creation, sync with Google and view (edit, track changes) your students' papers and more! We have a subscription! Use your school email address to create a teacher account, and the password is: Miners


class code: LPT-1782 or create your own!

We have a subscription!  Your log ID:   81435 

and the password is:  miner


Brain Pop Username:




Students can download eBooks using the Overdrive app "Libby" or "Hoopla" from Wilkinson's partner in the digital realm, Marmot! Read or listen to digital eBooks on school iPads. You will need your own WPL library card (number) or you can get one from Mrs. Rutledge. 

Use the generic library card number to access WPL's databases like CultureGrams! 4230000001234

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